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Liron Sissman, artist, MBAWelcome

If you are an artist looking to find a way to turn your love into your life's work, you came to the right place! I help visual artists working in all mediums and styles succeed.

I will help you identify your art unique value proposition and guide you through an achievable plan of action that will help fast-forward your career and up-level your business. I advise artists on all matters related to business, marketing, and selling.

I'm Liron Sissman: A successful professional artist and an MBA. My art is in corporate collections nationwide and in hundreds of private collections on three continents. I walk the talk. I coach artists based on my first hand experience in art and in business.

I consult and mentor artists one-on-one, lead art business, strategy, and marketing workshops, and represent selected artists who retain my services to promote their work.

Request free consultation Looking to sell your art nationally, in multiples, with NO consignment? Look no further!
My ebook: Getting Your Art into Corporate Collections:  Why it pays, How to do it, Who to contact  is the definitive resource on connecting and successfully selling through art consultants. This book will guide you though the process. And, it includes a comprehansive list of key industry contacts. Download and grow your income!

Learn how to make more profitable art sales using concrete, easy to follow, recommendations!

Life is too long to keep waiting for something to change.  Start setting your new course TODAY!

The Art of profiting from your Art
  • Take time to recognize your achievements

    Take note of your art achievements Take note of your art achievements

    Here is a bit of often under-appreciated advice I share with students in my workshop. I suggest they keep a log of their art achievements. It may be a simple Word document, with bullet points, under a date header that they occasionally revisit and update. In it they may wish to capture anything from tackling a new subject matter to landing a commission to bein... Read more..

  • Should you delay consultation until later when you … ? (fill in the blank)

    Don't Delay. Procrastination is the thief of time. Procrastination is the thief of time.

    I am ready to branch out and take on a new topic as it applies to so many artists. You will have to stay tuned to find out the other big, common, website mistakes artists make, or download my workshop for a comprehensive view of this and other topics.

    Often times artists find my site, or sit on one of my talks, or get my eBook and get all excited abo... Read more..

  • (T̶e̶n̶) Thirteen biggest website mistakes artists make – Part VI


    While on the topic of common website mistakes many artists make let me add this big one:

    10) No shopping cart

    Does your site offer a shopping cart? If so, you are ahead of the curve. Your site undoubtedly takes time to maintain and keep up-to-date. You spend your valuable time, and/or hard earned money, maintaining your web presence. Why not have your site work for you by helping ... Read more..

  • (T̶e̶n̶) Thirteen biggest website mistakes artists make – Part V


    Allow me to continue this blog series by describing yet another common artist website mistake many artists make. If you are new to this blog topic please see Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV where I discussed the first eight common website mistakes I see many artists make.

    I’ll continue where I had left off with the next common website mistake:

    9) No social media share but... Read more..

  • (T̶e̶n̶) Thirteen biggest website mistakes artists make – Part IV

    So far in this blog series (Part I, II, and III) I have addressed six common website mistakes I see many artists make. Are you one of them? I’ll continue in this post where I left off.

    7) Not using your website email

    Most artists that email me are using an email provider such as: gmail, yahoo, hotmail, mac, and optonline rather than their own website domain email. As a result th... Read more..

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