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Minako Ota " Liron is one of the most inspiring individuals that I know. She brings tangible results to your artistic career and makes you the best sales person that you can be for your own art.

She is extremely generous in sharing the valuable know-hows of the business and does so based on her first hand experience! Her instructions are very concrete and easy to follow: I found most of her exercises were immediately applicable to my routines.

It has been only a short while since I had my sessions with her, but lots of positive changes have already happened in my career. Thank you so much, Liron!"
- Minako Ota

Sherry Mayo "Liron Sissman knows the art of doing business and provides clear business models for making art your day job. I was worried that I was signing up for another workshop that would merely tell me how to put together my resume and artist statement, but this was not the case. I was seeking the next steps towards developing real business models to take my studio practice to the next level. I found Sissman's approach was, not only practical, but respectful to the integrity of studio practice; while being realistic about financial sustainability. Few artists are savvy about being an entrepreneur, fewer are generous enough to share trade secrets, Sissman's workshop offered both."
- Sherry Mayo

Igor Zaytsev "I am so grateful to Liron! After I worked with her just a little, things started to instantly happen for me -- the shows that followed made me real busy! Also, I was really impressed with her punctuality and responsibility. For sure, she knows what she is doing."
- Igor Zaytsev

Cindy Sacks "I was lucky enough to hear Liron Sissman speak at an Artist Advisory workshop in Katonah, NY. After 15 plus years working as a watercolor artist, I have been awarded, published, printed and even licensed, so I approached the workshop with only moderate expectations. Liron turns out to be an engrossing, cogent speaker with a detailed array of astute and completely current recommendations to offer artists. I think her research and advice would help artists at a few different stages of work. Liron detailed exactly how to go about actualizing specific ideas for growth. At this juncture in my career, I am itchy for new challenges and more profitable sales, and walking away from a workshop with clear plans in my mind of where I can head next is invaluable. Thanks so much."
- Cindy Sacks

Laura Brown "I wanted to thank you for your workshop. I learned much more than I expected. In fact, I learned so many new things that it will take some time to digest it all. I have had a mysterious process broken down into steps that make sense to me. After Liron's presentation I have reread my notes three times and find more information and inspiration. I am extremely grateful for all the information and inspiration that I have been given. I think of the cost of the workshop as tuition for a class I will continually use. It is my hope that when I have the money I can work with you myself. Thank you Liron."
- Laura Brown

Lauren Ennist "I must thank you for the workshop, now I have a lot of leads to follow and feel I should try a little longer.

I am a portrait /figurative oil painter passionately interested in the codification and capture of my subjects state of mind. I have had to label myself as emerging for the last few years because I have not been able to make substantial headway in the art market. Then I hit a wall; what could I do to move my status from emerging to emerged and mid career. On February 21, 2010, I took Liron Sissman's marketing workshop at the Montclair Museum. Now it is February 22nd I am armed with strategies and a list of new resources to promote my work. I am off to research and put in place the things I learned. I am glad to know I can use Ms. Sissman as a resource in the future!"
- Lauren Ennist

Christine Soccio "I was in your class this past Sunday at the Montclair Art Museum. I saw a call for artists at a small gallery in Ringwood and used your email format to apply for exhibition and two of my paintings were accepted! This will be my first public showing. I just wanted to thank you again for a great class. I believe your professional approach helped me get my first exhibition. Thanks so much."
- Christine Soccio

Brenda Jacobsen "Liron Sissman led an Art Business workshop in Rowayton last weekend and I had a front row seat! For a few hours I listened, took notes, asked questions, and listened some more. All in all, the afternoon flew by because Liron's lecture was highly informative, practical, eye-opening and enjoyable. Liron Sissman is a gifted artist and business professional and knows first hand how to weave the two together for success. I met Liron at a crucial time since I was launching my first ever art website. I set up a phone consultation with Liron and she continued to advise and encourage me to follow my passion for art. I really can't express in words how much I have learned and gained in a few short days. I look forward to working with her as time goes on. Thank you Liron for your candid ability to share and explain the business of art. I will recommend you highly to friends in need of support and direction."
- Brenda Jacobsen

Britt Bair "I thought it was incredibly informative and I left wanting even more! Liron is very articulate and compassionate about selling and marketing art. She seems to have covered all the angles from using her website and the internet to personal visits and phone calls to galleries. She was very organized with handouts and using her computer to highlight different points. I wrote six pages of copious notes! I was intrigued by every bit of information she had to offer. She knows her stuff! Subsequently, we are planning to hire her for our studios at WALA to help with marketing strategies."
- Britt Bair

Cecilia Soprano "I'm so excited with the overflow of information you shared with us today at your comprehensive seminar at the Katonah Art Center. You had prepared for us the distillation of the best of your years of research and what you learned in your career as an artist. I felt that taking your class was best investment of my money and time I have made in a very long time. It was worth so much more to me. Your art skills as a superlative painter are equal to your teaching skills as an advisor and teacher. Your subject matter was current and precise and geared to simplifying the process of self-marketing. You are organized and clear and articulate and focused. Your presentation had everything laid out for us in an accessible and simple format. With heartfelt gratitude."
- Cecilia Soprano

Richard Alan Fox " I attended a three hour 'Art Business & Marketing' workshop at the Katonah Art Center and received a wealth of knowledge and motivation far beyond my expectations. The information was relevant and clearly transmitted, and all questions answered fully.

I had previously purchased Liron's e-book 'Getting Your Art Into Corporate Collections' and found it equally worthwhile, with straightforward advice and information.

Liron Sissman is an outstanding example of success as an artist, teacher and businessperson. Listen, look, learn and be rewarded."
- Richard Alan Fox

Joanne Roy " I appreciate all of the information you gave us at the Rowayton Arts Center. As the Education Director I can honestly say that everyone interested in promoting their art should take your workshop. It was very enlightening!"
- Joanne Roy

Erin Kuhn " Liron Sissman's Art Business and Marketing workshop was an amazing experience. She is an excellent speaker; compassionate and thorough in her topics and answering questions. It was by far the best workshop I've been to, and incredibly informative and helpful. She covered just about every topic imaginable and then some, and stayed late to help people individually. I was very impressed by her wealth of knowledge and willingness to help others and share her secrets of success."
- Erin Kuhn

Barbara Neibart " Thank you so much for the amazing workshop. Yesterday, I learned more about art marketing than I have in the last 25 years! Your expertise and generosity (you gave us names, places - real info) have given me the tools - and the kick in the butt - that I needed to get my work out there. At last!"
- Barbara Neibart   Blog - an irreverent, illustrated journal of ideas and experiences

Majie Lavergne " I got a lot out of my coaching with Liron. Her approach is practical, and full of valuable information. I now have a step-by-step plan of action to get my work in the hands of art corporate consultants. Moving forward!"
- Majie Lavergne

Zhee Singer " You will not have to listen long before it dawns on you that Liron has an iridescent intelligence when it comes to marketing art. If your passion is to be free to create art, I advise serious artists to use Liron's Artist Advisory service to gain the needed understanding of market niches and how to get exposure and sales."
- Zhee and Mia Singer

Sara Srubar-Erb " Liron is a wealth of knowledge and real life art world experience. I found a kindred spirit and so enjoyed talking with her. She was kind enough to share some of the precious trade secrets that I'm sure took years to acquire. She is truly an asset to any artist and invaluable in consulting on your art career. After talking to her I am inspired, have clear direction and the tools to get there. In one word, Awesome!"
- Sara Srubar-Erb

Patrick Zoller "I brought a few pieces, you looked, you talked, and I listened. It was exactly what I came for... Advice. Damn Good Advice. I won't share your lessons here, but suffice it to say, you opened my eyes to side roads to this place I want to go.

Thanks to Liron Sissman I can now begin to turn my true reason for being here into an economic reality and so much more on a personal level. Not by miracles but by smart advice and a few nuggets of information followed by work and dedication to my art. If you are ready to take the step... you are smart to see Liron first."
- Patrick Zoller

Maria Lupo " Thank you! Your workshop was wonderful and really helpful -- I have been in the art field for over twenty years and I found your information not only useful but up to date and certainly included things that I plan to use. Again thank you! Your afternoon workshop is certainly something every artist needs!"
- Maria Lupo, MFA, MA, ATR

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